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Head and face massage

Cranial massage is a source of deep soothing and relaxation for the whole body.

The head massage consists of a light and draining phase, a stimulating phase and ends with a deep, relaxing and light phase in order to obtain deep relaxation.

The skull is the most effective way of access to obtain a real relaxation felt both in the skull and the face, but also in the whole body.

More and more appreciated in the West, this massage indeed offers a deep well-being and a relaxation particularly adapted to our hectic and exhausting rhythms of life.

Head massage is also a great way to refocus, which is very helpful for active people.

Head massage also has an immediate effect on the psyche and the feeling of well-being. It is an ideal massage break to relieve stress and free yourself from everyday concerns. Head massage is both deeply soothing and rejuvenating by its ability to reactivate the circulation of energy in the body.



What are the benefits of head massage?

- A deep relaxation of body and mind,

- A dissipation of nervous tension,

- Stimulation of the scalp,

- A release of the respiratory tract, global action on the ENT system,

- A reduction in headaches and migraines,

- A feeling of calm,

- Calming anxiety, mental fatigue, irritability, stress, depression,

- Clarification of thought and improves concentration,

- Promotes quality sleep.


50 min 7000 xpf

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