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Balinese massage: a massage with multiple origins


Polynesia being at the crossroads of several cultures, it is possible to meet several types of massage.

Thus, Balinese massage is not a massage, but a mixture of several massage methods. It combines the benefits of ayurveda (Indian massage) with Chinese energy massage. This is what makes this varied and exotic massage so special.

The massage sessions last one hour. Although little known in the West, he began to make himself known in institutes. But in addition, the part of the spiritual holds a great place: it is based on Hindu and Buddhist philosophies.


Balinese massage: course of a session


It takes place in two parts: in the first, the masseur will use different techniques. It will seek to stimulate the energy points of the body, and to circulate the energy. For that, the pressures, the effleurages, and the smoothings will be there. Balinese massage is based on the principle of Ayurvedic massage: it will balance the energy, which is at the origin of moods.

If the body is in pain, your mood will take a hit. For inner peace, it is therefore necessary to drive out bad energies. The second part is dedicated to relaxation: the patient is massaged entirely, with essential oils. These promote relaxation and have a good influence on mood. The oils used in massage are:


Wild mango and coconut

Vanilla and passion fruit

Organic vegetable oils of jojoba, coconut, marula and shea butter according to skin type and preferences.

the benefits for body and soul


At the end of the massage, the patient is soothed and serene. The stress at the origin of the various muscular tensions is forgotten.

The body is therefore replenished, and has new energy. The massage provides dynamism and strength, and helps to live peacefully. In some cases, Balinese massage has therapeutic virtues. It reduces back pain and lumbar pain, by the masseur's stretching movements. It also promotes weight loss because it is draining. It is also a very effective anti-stress: vital energy promotes optimism and good humor. It is a real journey of the senses, and a unique experience to try. In addition, the use of essential oils allows to nourish the skin in depth, and makes it smooth and shiny.



50 min           9000 xpf  


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